Forbes named the billionaires who lost and earned the most in 2019

Forbes magazine named billionaires who have managed to earn more in the last 12 months than other richest people in the world.

Employees of the magazine analyzed information about 2.2 thousand persons who are owners of fortunes for at least $ 1 billion. It is only about those who invest in companies whose shares are in free circulation. Changes in the total value of assets of these people in the period from December 28, 2018, to December 13 of the current year were taken into account.

As the newspaper notes, the most successful financially reporting period was for five billionaires, who earned a total of almost $ 112 billion. This list includes the CEO of the French group of companies Louis Vuitton Moet Hennessy Bernard Arnault, the head of the American Corporation Facebook Mark Zuckerberg, the owner of the Spanish retail chain Zara Amancio Ortega, the former head of the American company Microsoft Steve Ballmer, as well as the owner of the Indian holding Reliance Industries Mukesh Ambani.

Arnault earned $ 40 billion during the reporting period, his total wealth increased to $ 107.7 billion. The value of assets owned by Zuckerberg increased by $ 22.1 billion to $ 72 billion. The wealth of Ortega increased by $ 17.3 billion — to $ 74.9 billion, Ballmer — by $ 16.3 billion, to $ 56.3 billion, and Ambani — by $ 16.1 billion, to $ 61.4 billion.

The magazine also named five billionaires whose total asset value has declined more than others over the past 12 months. The list was headed by Indian businessman Azim Premji, who lost $ 14.1 billion. Part of this amount the entrepreneur donated to charity, his total fortune fell to $ 7.2 billion. The head of the American company Amazon Jeff Bezos took the second place. The total value of his assets due to the partial division of property in the divorce fell by $ 13.1 billion, to $ 109.7 billion. According to Forbes, Bezos remains the richest man in the world.

Indian businessman Subhash Chandra from-for falling of stock owned companies lost $ 3.4 billion. Now its state does not exceed $ 660 million. Total value of the assets of one of the founders of the American company Uber Travis Kalanick during the reporting period decreased $ 3.1 billion to $ 2.8 billion as the Chinese businessman Yang Zhi dropped by $ 3 billion — to $ 2.1 billion.

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