For the first time, a private company was allowed to fly an F-16A fighter

For the first time in history, a private firm operated a used F-16A / B fighter jet. Reported by The Drive.

Private company Top Aces acquired its first fleet of F-15 fighters at the end of January. She entered into an agreement with the United States Air Force. The goal is to train opponents for future battles.

The company in question provides “advanced air training for the world’s leading air forces.” Top Aces is one of the first to have military fighters at its disposal.

The first flight was made by the newly established Center Of Excellence at Mesa Gateway Airport in Arizona. The company, which is playing the role of the aggressor, will eventually increase its fleet to 29 aircraft.

During the 1-hour flight, F-16A 78-0322 flew several flights west of the base before returning safely to Mesa Gateway airport. By the way, it was this fighter that participated in the famous Israeli attack on the Iraqi nuclear reactor Osirak in 1981.

Top Aces plans to use its fourth-generation private fighter fleet to support the Pentagon’s growing demand for air support, acting as the frontline aggressor for the Air Force, Navy and Marine Corps flight crews.

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