For the export of US military equipment from Afghanistan, more than 600 flights have already been made

Daily, on average, 12 flights are made, the Pentagon said.

American C-17 military transport aircraft have already made 611 flights since the end of April to export military equipment and property from Afghanistan, that is, an average of 12 flights per day. This was announced on Tuesday by the Central Command (CENTCOM) of the US Armed Forces, whose area of operational responsibility includes Central Asia and the Middle East.

As noted in the next weekly report, after President Joe Biden announced on April 14 the decision to return the soldiers home, “the Pentagon carried out approximately 611 C-17 flights for the export of military cargo.” “In addition, 14,379 units of various equipment were transferred to the Department of Logistics of the Ministry of Defense for destruction,” the command said, adding that “the process of withdrawal of troops is completed by more than 50%.” CENTCOM did not correct this assessment over the past week.

The number of bases (6) fully transferred to the Afghan security forces have not changed, although the statement stresses that “the process of transferring bases and military equipment to the Ministry of Defense of Afghanistan will continue.”

It is assumed that by September 11, there will be no American soldiers in Afghanistan, except for a detachment of marines guarding the embassy in Kabul. The New York Times reported on June 6, citing its sources, that the military aims to leave Afghanistan by mid-July, but the Pentagon does not officially confirm this.

The operation in Afghanistan began in October 2001 and became the longest in American history. In 2010-2013, the number of US troops and their allies exceeded 150 thousand people there. The main combat units were withdrawn in 2014. At the end of April, according to the Pentagon, there were 2.5 thousand American soldiers and officers in the country.

Irretrievable losses of the US Department of Defense in the Afghan campaign amounted to 2.45 thousand troops. 20.7 thousand people were injured.

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