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Engineers from Volocopter have unveiled an air taxi that orients itself in space using AI-based computer vision. Its maximum speed is 178 km/h.

German aviation company Volocopter has shown a concept of computer vision for a taxi and the device itself, which is designed to “conquer the commuter travel market.” VoloConnect is designed to carry four passengers over a distance of up to 102 km. The company said in a release that the vehicle uses a hybrid lift-and-push design to travel electrically at speeds up to 178 km/h.

The VoloConnect design includes six electric motors and rotors, with a pair of fans in the back. It allows you to move within cities and travel long distances in open areas. According to Florian Reuter, CEO of Volocopter, the device “embodies the mission of providing affordable, efficient and sustainable flight mobility for cities around the world.”

Computer vision technology uses cameras equipped with artificial intelligence to capture key actions to turn the device around and predict future events that will occur in front of the taxi.

Volocopter opened reservations for its first commercial flights at the end of 2020. Users are offered flights for 300 euros with a prepayment of 10%, the journey will last about 15 minutes. The first flights are likely to be operated in Singapore within the next three years.

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