Following the cheap iPhone SE, there will be a cheap iPad 8

It will receive a processor like the iPhone XS

Apple is preparing to release iPad 8 – an insider wrote about it on Twitter. There is no way to verify the data, but in general, this idea is quite in the spirit of the latest trends, when Apple offers users a more affordable alternative to its top-end devices.

According to an insider, the iPad 8 will turn out to be a tablet variant of the iPhone SE: the design will remain the same (as, probably, the price), but the hardware platform will become much more powerful – the old A10 Fusion SoC, which was used in the iPhone 7, will be replaced by the A12 Bionic. installed in iPhone XR and XS.

The iPad 8 is likely to have the same 10.2-inch display as the iPad 7 – with Touch ID in the Home key. For sure, neither the battery capacity nor the amount of RAM will change, but the amount of flash memory may increase to 64 GB.

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