Followed by Mi TV Transparent Edition: will Xiaomi release a transparent smartphone?

Last week, Xiaomi introduced the Mi TV Lux OLED Transparent Edition with a transparent display and a price tag of $7,200. Now the representatives of the company asked when we should expect a transparent smartphone.

The head of Xiaomi Lei Jun, speaking with users on Weibo, replied that it is very difficult to make such a gadget so far. The fact is that on the TV, all the internal components are placed in a round stand, thanks to which it was possible to achieve the transparency of the screen itself. In a smartphone, everything is different, since the main parts are located behind the screen.

Therefore, the release of a transparent smartphone in the near future is unlikely.

Instead, Lei Jun advises paying attention to smartphones with “transparent” back panels that imitate the “stuffing” of the gadget. For example, the new flagship Xiaomi Mi 10 Ultra has a version with this design.