Florida imposes fines for blocking politicians in social networks

The fine will be $250 thousand per day if it is a candidate from this state and $25 thousand in other cases.

Florida imposes fines for social networks with more than 100 million users per month for blocking the accounts of election campaign participants. The Fox News channel reported this.

The fine will be $250 thousand per day if it is a candidate from Florida and $25 thousand in other cases. The largest social networks, such as Facebook and Twitter, only exceed the threshold of 100 million users per month. The law will also require social networks to notify politicians whose accounts may be blocked seven days before making such a decision.

The corresponding draft has already been adopted by the state legislature, in which the majority are Republicans, and Republican Governor Ron DeSantis intends to sign it soon.

Republicans sharply criticized the largest social networks after blocking former US President Donald Trump’s accounts after the storming of the Capitol on January 6. Twitter said that Trump is permanently blocked, and Facebook has not yet restored his account. Republicans claim that the leading technology companies in the United States support a liberal agenda, which is not hidden by some of the founders of these enterprises. After the US presidential election, some states are trying to implement measures to consolidate the previously dominant position of Republicans or Democrats. One of the most notable examples was Georgia, where a law was passed that tightened the voting rules and, in fact, cut off a significant number of supporters of the Democratic Party from participating in it.

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