Flop Superlega, damage to the image of the 12 clubs involved equal to 660 million

Flop of the Superlega and Covid caused a collapse equal to 11% of the total value of the brand of the 50 main world clubs. In particular, the damage to image for the 12 clubs involved amounted to 660 million euros. This is what emerges from the annual Brand Finance research which examines the value of the “brand” of football teams at 360 degrees.

The Superlega

From what emerges from the Brand Finance Football 50 2021 report, the Super League project caused the 12 teams involved an overall image damage of 606 million equal to a loss of 6% year on year which is added to the damages due to Covid for a total of 1.336 million. The damage to image is evident from the competitive analysis conducted by Brand Finance to estimate the strength of the brand. In fact, the Superlega affair has weakened all 12 clubs involved, while the brands of the other teams have not lost strength or strengthened. The Brand Strength Index (BSI) is the result of a competitive analysis that takes into account the management of marketing, the relative return on image and the consequent business performance. Explain Massimo Pizzo Italy managing director of Brand Finance: «The Superlega affair is closely connected with the image & reputation of the teams involved. In fact, it is indisputable that the communication of the initiative was poorly managed, overestimating the strength of the brand of the 12 clubs that did not expect these reactions from either the fans or the federation. All this has heavily reduced the financial value of all the clubs that had joined the project ». The Bayern Monaco, having chosen not to join the Super League, it earned 0.5 BSI points, thus reaching a score of 91.9 out of 100 equal to an AAA + Brand Rating. Thanks to this strengthening, Bayern, from 5th place last year, found themselves at the top of the ranking of clubs ordered by Brand Strength Index, that is, for the strength with which they influence the choices and opinions of stakeholders. Bayern had an easy game in this ranking also following the weakening from ESL of Real Madrid, Barcelona, ​​Liverpool and Manchester United slipped to 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th place respectively among the brands ranked by BSi, the Strength Indicator.

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Economic value

With a value of 1,276 million euros, despite the significant weakening of the brand equal to 3.5 points out of 100 which contributed to the loss of 10% of the financial value of the brand, real Madrid it is still confirmed as the most valuable brand among teams from all over the world of football. Similar situation for Barcelona is Manchester United, respectively this year in 2nd and 3rd place among the most valuable brands. Manchester City’s performance slightly improved, rising to 4th place thanks to the loss of only 0.6% in value, while Bayern’s performance was very good, thanks to the strengthening of the brand, increasing its value by 1.1%, thus rising from 6th to 5th position in the ranking of the most valuable brands.

Italian clubs

In the Brand Finance Football 50 2021 there are 6 Italian clubs, just off the table is Atalanta. None of these are among the 10 most valuable brands or among the 10 strongest Juventus, despite the 16.4% decrease in financial value, partly caused by the significant 3.4 point weakening of BSI, with a value of 565 million leads the Italian clubs from 11th place again this year. Inter follows again this year in 14th place, despite the 18% loss in value in part due to the weakening of the brand highlighted by the reduction of 2.7 points by BSI. Milan in 29th, Naples in 32nd, Rome in 39th and Lazio in 49th are all part of the group of 10 clubs that have lost the greatest economic value year on year globally in the 2021 ranking. The performances of these four clubs contributed to the worsening of the weight of Italian brands in the 2021 ranking: last year the six Italians present were worth 10% of the entire ranking, this year only 8%. British brands, with 43% in value, dominate the ranking followed by Spanish and German brands with 20% and 19% respectively. Among the greats, only the French are worse than the Italians with 6% of the value of the 50 clubs in the ranking. Serie A. The extreme strength of Ferrari, which hasn’t won a world title for almost 15 years, should be taken as a virtuous example and, as far as possible, imitated by Italian football still sitting too much on the treasury of local fans ».

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