Five countries have called on Iran to investigate openly the crash of the Ukrainian airliner

Foreign Ministers of the five countries whose citizens were killed in the crash met in London.

Five countries whose citizens were killed in the crash of a Ukrainian plane are calling on Iran to conduct an open investigation and pay compensation to the families of the victims of the disaster.

This call was made by Ukraine, Canada, Afghanistan, Sweden and the United Kingdom after the foreign Ministers of these States met on Thursday at the office of the High Commissioner of Canada in London.

The Ministers called for an “independent criminal investigation followed by a transparent and impartial trial.”

An International airline of Ukraine plane was mistakenly shot down by the Iranian military using ballistic missiles on January 8, shortly after the airliner took off from Tehran airport, killing all 176 people on board.

Among the dead were Canadians, Swedes, Ukrainians, Afghans, Britons, and Iranians.

Iran initially claimed that the crash was caused by a technical failure, but a few days later, amid new evidence, it admitted that the airliner had mistakenly shot down the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps.

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