Fishermen found $1.5 million worth of ambergris in the belly of a whale

Yemeni fishermen have found a rare ambergris in the carcass of a sperm whale worth one and a half million dollars.

Ambergris is a solid, combustible, wax-like substance formed in the digestive tract of sperm whales. It is also found floating in sea water or washed up on the shore. It is highly valued in perfumery and is used as a scent fixer.

It is a very rare and expensive substance used in perfumery to fix the scent. They dragged the body of a whale onto land and found about 127 kilograms of ambergris in the animal’s belly.

Fishermen, who go out to sea every day, decided to check the carcass of a dead sperm whale. When the carcass was taken ashore and cut open, there really was ambergris. The animal contained $ 1.5 million worth of amber. The substance is produced in only 5% of individuals.

Ambergris has long been prized in medicine, for religious processions, and even as an aphrodisiac. And now it is used in perfumery so that smells do not fade away longer.

The fishermen divided the proceeds equally among themselves and helped other villagers. They used them to buy new houses, cars and boats, someone decided to spend money on a wedding.

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