First Xbox Series S trailer reveals console features and release date

Microsoft officially unveiled the Xbox Series S, but promised to reveal all the details later. Insiders did not tolerate it and released a presentation video for the console ahead of time.

The trump card was revealed by a Twitter user with the nickname WalkinCat, who published the trailer for the Xbox Series S. In the video, gamers are promised next-generation performance, but without the technical details. Still, it is said that the console will receive an NVMe SSD, which will provide fast downloads and switching between running games.

The entertainment itself will run at 120 FPS at a resolution of 1440p, moreover, they promise DirectX-based tracing. It also mentions upscaling games up to 4K resolution and streaming media in the same resolution.

The trailer also confirms the Xbox Series S’s $ 300 price tag and an estimated release date of November. At the same time, Microsoft plans to release the Xbox Series X. According to Windows Central sources, both consoles will be released on November 10.

Author: John Kessler
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