First private Indian missile fired

Skyroot has announced a successful firing test of missiles that they have produced on their own. They have scheduled their launch for December 2021.

The private Indian company Skyroot has tested a solid-propellant rocket propulsion system. It will also be used in serial Vikram missiles. The engineers noted that this is the first time that a private Indian company has fully designed, built and tested the propulsion system for a solid-fuel rocket. They were also the first to test a prototype upper stage engine.

Skyroot also presented a solid-fuel rocket stage – for it they used a carbon composite structure, and their production process is fully automated. This allows researchers to reduce weight by up to five times compared to using steel. The researchers also plan to use this process in the production of the final version of the Vikram-1 rocket, which will reduce its cost.

The final stage of the Vikram-1 engine will be 4 times larger, and Skyroot is also in the process of producing four other test solid rocket engines that have different thrust ranges. They will be tested over the next few years.

Skyroot plans to carry out the first launch of the Vikram-1 rocket by December 2021. The mission will be supported in part by the Indian Space Research Organization. Now the company already has $ 4.3 million and plans to raise another $ 15 million from sponsors. If launched successfully, they will become the first company to build and operate private launch vehicles.

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