First discovered off the coast of Ireland, a walrus just fell asleep on an ice floe

A walrus was first spotted off the coast of Ireland: scientists believe that he crossed the Atlantic Ocean, falling asleep on an iceberg.

A walrus on the northern coast of Ireland was noticed by local residents, namely a five-year-old girl who was walking with her dad.

This sighting is unusual as no walruses have ever been sighted in Ireland before.

According to marine biologist and local aquarium director Kevin Flannery, this is the first documented case of a walrus in Irish history.

Flannery believes that the walrus lived in the Arctic, where he fell asleep on an iceberg that swam too far: from Greenland to the mid-Atlantic Ocean.

According to Flannery, the walrus was very tired of the trip and was very hungry: he did not recommend the locals to approach the animal.

According to the scientist, the walrus will come to his senses and swim home on his own.

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