First details of Ford F-150 electric pickup revealed

In July of this year, Ford announced a new F-150 pickup truck, and now there is information that in addition to the usual internal combustion engine version, the car will receive a model with an electric motor.

This was announced by Kumar Galhotra, President for American and International Markets of Ford. The car will be the fastest F-150 in the history of the company. Consequently, the electric car will definitely be more powerful than the charged Ford F-150 Raptor, which has 450 horsepower under the hood.

It is known that the electric F-150 will boast two electric motors, which will be installed on the rear and front axles. Also, according to Galhotra, the car could be used as a mobile generator. Unfortunately, there are no other details about the new product yet.

When to expect
It’s not worth waiting for an electric Ford F-150 before 2022. By the way, until this moment, several of its serious competitors should enter the market. For example the Hummer EV and Tesla Cybertruck.

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