Firm Inovio: a new step towards the development of a vaccine from COVID-19

An experimental vaccine created by the company is being successfully tested.

An American company specializing in immunotherapy, Inovio Pharmaceuticals, said on Wednesday that an experimental vaccine it created to prevent coronavirus infection had demonstrated the presence of protective antibodies in mice and guinea pigs.

This was told by David Weiner, Director of the immunology center at the Wistar Institute, which cooperates with Inovio. “We can achieve that the virus does not have a haven in the body,” he explained.
Inovio, which started testing the vaccine in humans in April, said preliminary results are expected in June.

Forty healthy participants in the first phase of the study were given two injections of the vaccine; the time distance between them was two weeks.

“We already have data, and this data is favorable,” said Catherine Broderick, head of the Inovio research program.

According to her, Inovio intends to apply to the Food and drug administration to be able to move to the second and third phases of research. They can start in July or August.