Fifty Shades of Gray star Jamie Dornan shows a topless photo from a party

Jamie Dornan and his wife Amelia Warner are raising three young daughters – seven-year-old Dulcey, four-year-old Elva and one-year-old Alberta.

The eldest daughter of the star couple celebrated her birthday, and on this occasion, the family had a house party. Jamie was not generous with the photo from the holiday, but only posted his selfie in which he poses topless in a room lit with garlands with a blue light bulb in his mouth. “Party for one,” he signed the photo.

In the comments, fashion designer Tan France asked, “What are we celebrating?”

To which Dornan replied: “7th birthday of the eldest daughter! There are four more at the party, so it’s not officially a one-on-one party. “

Wife Jamie also decided not to share the details of the holiday and showed only a strange birthday cake with candles, which actually looks like not a cake, but a baguette. “Happy birthday, dear Daisy!” – Amelia wrote in her microblog.

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