Female astronauts from the United States for the first time in history went into space without a male escort

WASHINGTON — Two female astronauts from the United States today for the first time in the history of mankind went into space from the International space station /ISS/.

As evidenced by the online broadcast on the website of NASA, astronauts of the American space Agency Christina Cook and Jessica Meir began a spacewalk around 07: 50 Eastern American time. They were tasked with replacing one of the power supply units that had stopped working at the weekend.

K. Cook wore a spacesuit with red stripes and D. Meir- a spacesuit without stripes. For K. Cook, this is the fourth spacewalk in a row, and D. Meir does it for the first time. According to NASA, D. Meir will be the 15th woman in the world and the 14th American astronaut to have visited outer space.
This is the second attempt by NASA to set a new record in the history of space exploration by mankind. The first attempt was made in March, but then the spacewalk had to be canceled because the American space Agency did not have ready spacesuits for both women.

“I think it is important because what we are doing is of historical importance. In the past, women were not always treated as equals. It is great that we can make a personal contribution to the development of the space exploration program in an era when such a contribution is accepted from all members of society,” Cook said in a recent interview with NASA.

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