Federal authorities are investigating the police killing of a black man in Ohio

The man was shot on December 6 on the doorstep of the house.

Federal authorities in the United States have launched an investigation into the murder of a black man who was shot on December 6 on his home’s doorstep by a Franklin County (Ohio) Sheriff’s Deputy. A statement was issued on Tuesday evening by the police of Columbus’s city, where the incident occurred.

“At the request of chief [police officer Franklin Thomas] Quinlan, the US attorney for the southern district of Ohio and the Federal Bureau of investigation have launched a parallel Federal investigation into civil rights compliance,” the statement said.

Earlier, police said that Deputy Sheriff Jason Meade saw a gun in the hands of 23-year-old Casey Goodson. According to ABC, Meade also claims that Goodson pointed a gun at him, then refused to drop the weapon and was shot. Police confirmed the discovery of a gun at the scene of the murder. In turn, the Goodson family said that the young man had the right to carry a weapon, but in his hands at the time of the incident was a sandwich.

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