FDA first approves saliva coronavirus test

The FDA first approved a saliva test. The sample will be taken by the patients themselves, after which they will be sent to the laboratory for analysis.

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has issued emergency approval for the first coronavirus test using a saliva sample.

The laboratory of Rutgers University received a revised permission for emergency use of the technique. Using the test, people can collect saliva at home and send samples to the laboratory for results. Testing for Covid-19 previously included samples of nasal or throat swabs.

The university’s statement said that the new saliva collection technology at home allows for a broader analysis than using the standard method using nasal and throat swabs in a medical facility or at a testing site.

“Now it’s important to train people to collect samples themselves, which experts can analyze. This will allow them not to violate quarantine, but for those who are too scared to leave the house – to pass the test they want. The test results will be sent by mail from the distribution center, ”the researchers noted.

They added that they would publish instructions on how to properly collect saliva and seal the sample with a lid. To do this, they will use a special means for preservation, which will be sent along with the kit – after which the sample can be sent to the laboratory for testing.

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