FDA approves personal genome screening method for cancer diagnosis

The FDA has approved a personal genome screening method for cancer diagnosis. The test was developed by Personal Genome Diagnostics, TechCrunch writes.

The method is called PGDx elio – it allows you to identify single nucleotide variants within the tumor, as well as small inserts and deletions, known as Indels. Their analysis will allow oncologists to quickly and accurately determine the rate of cancer development in the patient’s body.

The main advantage of the development is that it is able to detect 35 different types of tumors and track their development. So far, there has not been a single standardized test for all types of cancer that any laboratory could carry out, the company said.

“Thanks to this, laboratories across the country will for the first time be able to conduct a regulated, standardized test that examines the genomic signatures of various common forms of cancer. Advances in immuno-oncology, targeted drugs, and combination therapy for cancer increase the importance of testing the tumor genome, which allows you to focus on those patients for whom it is most likely to end in recovery”.

Pranil Chandra, Head Physician, Genomic and Clinical Pathology Service, Personal Genome Diagnostics

While testing is allowed for use only in the United States. Whether Personal Genome Diagnostics plans to bring the system to the international market is not reported.

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