FDA approves new technology to study coronavirus

The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has allowed the use of new technologies for the study of coronavirus. So far, this can only be done in academic hospitals.

The publication Techcrunch notes that the initiative of the department may be associated with criticism of the government agencies of the country, which are slowly making decisions, despite the widespread spread of coronavirus. According to them, “officials are not ready to effectively counteract the spread of a new virus in the country, despite the fact that they knew about the potential risks.”

Now, research centers in the United States may be trying to use new technologies that they think can counteract the virus. To do this, they will not have to wait for the approval of the FDA, which, in some cases, can be obtained within a few months.

Techcrunch also notes that the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention conducted only 459 trials of such technologies until the end of February 2020. For comparison, in China this figure is five times higher. In addition, the country did not have enough tests – many of them contained a faulty reagent.

“We believe our policies provide the right balance during this public health emergency,” the FDA said. “We will help ensure that scientific evidence is valid until clinical trials and subsequent critical independent reviews by the FDA, while rapidly expanding US testing capabilities”.

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