FDA approves first antibody-based coronavirus test

In the United States, they allowed the first antibody-based coronavirus test. The agency believes that this method may be “effective in diagnosing COVID-19”.

The United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has for the first time issued permission to conduct a COVID-19 test that looks for antibodies in the blood. Experts noted that this approach will have limitations, but will be an important tool that will help in the fight against a pandemic.

The test is made by the biotechnological company Cellex. For this, medical workers must take blood from the patient’s vein. The result can be obtained within 15 minutes.

The test will look for antibodies that the immune begins to produce against a particular virus. The presence of antibodies specific to coronavirus is evidence that the patient was infected. However, the body does not begin to produce them immediately; tests, in this case, may miss the presence of the virus.

However, FDA approval indicates that the agency is confident that the benefits of having the test outweigh the risks, notes The Verge. “There is reason to believe that this product may be effective in diagnosing COVID-19”, the department added.

Author: Flyn Braun
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