FDA approved new ventilator. It costs 25 times cheaper than existing ones

The FDA has approved a new ventilator. It costs 25 times cheaper than existing ones – this will quickly increase its production and provide medical facilities that need them with devices. This was written by TechCrunch with reference to the FDA report.

The approved ventilator was called Coventor and was developed by scientists from the University of Minnesota.

The report of the American regulator notes that it can only be used in emergency situations – in particular in the one in which the United States found itself due to the coronavirus epidemic. In other words, this is not about full approval, but about a kind of “credit of trust in the interests of helping to ensure access to scarce resources in times of crisis”.

The cost of Coventor is about $ 1 thousand, while the average retail price of ventilators in the US is $ 20-25 thousand. The developers of the device announced that they intend to publish the drawings in the public domain, provided that the manufacturers receive permission for their manufacture and delivery from local regulators.

Author: Flyn Braun
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