FBI: shooting at airbase in Texas “linked to terrorism”

One soldier was injured in the incident; the airbase security service shot the attacker.

A shooting at a US Navy airbase in Texas that injured a serviceman and killed an attacker is now being treated as an act “related to terrorism,” the Federal Bureau of Investigation said on Thursday.

The shooting began at about 6:15 am on Thursday at the Corpus Christi naval air station in Texas.

The gunman tried to drive to the base in a car, but security officials set up a barrier in time to stop the shooting, US Navy officials told the Associated Press. The man then got out of the car and opened fire, hitting and wounding a soldier who was a member of the security forces. Sources who spoke to reporters on condition of anonymity said that the shooter was killed by security personnel during the exchange of fire.
FBI special agent Leah greaves told a news conference that the Bureau is investigating the shooting as an act “related to terrorism.” The FBI is investigating the whereabouts of a second person of interest in connection with the shooting.

“We have determined that the incident that occurred this morning at the naval air station Corpus Christi is related to terrorism. We are actively working on the investigation, which is still being conducted,” greaves said.
An FBI spokeswoman did not specify a possible motive for the shooting or say what prompted investigators to assume the incident was related to terrorism. Federal investigators also did not provide any information about a second person of interest to the investigation.

In December last year, another incident occurred at the same base: a man pleaded guilty to destroying state property and possessing stolen firearms. The criminal driving the truck crashed into a fence installed near the Corpus Christi base.

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