FBI checks soldiers of the National Guard of the United States for possible security threats

According to the Minister of the US Army Ryan McCarthy, to date, no threats from them have been identified.

Employees of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) of the United States are conducting additional checks of soldiers of the US National Guard for whether some of them may pose a threat in connection with the upcoming January 20 inauguration of US President-elect Democrat Joseph Biden. This was reported by the Associated Press (AP), citing sources in the US Department of Defense.

AP notes that US Secretary of the Army Ryan McCarthy previously instructed the heads of units that will serve during the inauguration to conduct additional personnel checks. “We have not stopped monitoring this, and we are conducting double, triple checks of the people involved in this operation,” he told the agency. According to the military commander, no threats from the National Guard soldiers have been identified to date.

Despite this, the FBI decided to conduct its own additional verification of personnel. According to AP sources, this process began last week. One of the former employees of the agency explained to the agency that in such cases, the FBI checks the names of fighters on an internal basis, identifying their possible links with extremist and terrorist groups, establishing criminal records, and other facts that deserve attention. The agency emphasizes that the relevant measures were taken against the background of the riots that were staged in Washington on January 6 by supporters of the current American leader, Republican Donald Trump.

On Friday, the National Guard commander, General of the Army (Land Forces) Daniel Hokanson, noted that about 25 thousand National Guard troops would be deployed to Washington to ensure security at Biden’s inauguration. On Saturday, there were already 9,5 thousand fighters in the American capital. The National Guard is an organized reserve of the US Army and Air Force, which can be used in emergencies, such as eliminating the consequences of natural disasters and maintaining law and order.

The competent authorities of the United States are taking increased security measures in Washington ahead of the inauguration of President-elect Joseph Biden, scheduled for January 20. A significant part of the city center, adjacent to the White House and Congress, is closed to traffic. Capitol Hill has been cordoned off, and the general public has not been allowed access for several days.

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