FBI checks soldiers of the National Guard of the United States for possible security threats

At the same time, the head of the White House does not plan to pardon himself.

The current US President, Republican Donald Trump, intends to announce a pardon for about 100 people on January 19. Simultaneously, as CNN notes, the head of the White House does not plan to pardon himself, as previously indicated by the American media.

Initially, CNN notes, Trump planned to alternately announce a presidential pardon for two groups of people at the end of last week and next Tuesday. However, amid the riots staged by his supporters in Washington on January 6, the White House head was forced to reconsider his plans. Now it is expected that Trump will announce a pardon for about 100 people at once on the eve of the inauguration of Democrat Joseph Biden, which is scheduled for January 20.

At the same time, the TV Company claims that the events in Washington and the impeachment proceedings that followed Trump could have persuaded the Republican not to announce a pardon for his children, lawyer Rudolph Giuliani and himself. To date, CNN sources believe that Trump will not decide on his own pardon but warn that his actions in the last days of the presidential term can be unpredictable.

As reported after the events of January 6, The New York Times newspaper, Trump, in recent weeks, discussed with his entourage the possibility that he would announce a preventive pardon for himself before leaving office. Earlier, CNN reported that the Republican discussed with aides the possibility of preemptively pardoning his daughter Ivanka and her husband Jared Kushner, who are his advisers and some other people. It was noted that the American leader fears that he and his entourage may be persecuted under the new administration.

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