Fauci: the US is going through a critical period in the fight against coronavirus

85 million Americans went on holiday trips, ignoring the recommendations of experts.

Leading US infectious disease expert, Dr. Anthony Fauci said Sunday that the country is “really going through a critical period” to fight against the coronavirus pandemic. The number of new cases is rising, although 1.9 million Americans have already been vaccinated.

Fauci, who was vaccinated a few days ago, told CNN on Sunday that it’s “very hard” for people not to communicate during the holidays, even though that’s what health experts are calling for.

Authorities estimate that 85 million Americans travel to visit relatives and friends, and they fear that this will lead to new cases of infection in the United States. Within a few weeks, about 200 thousand new disease cases are registered in the United States per day.

According to Fauci, people “crowd into airports, there are meetings of people from different households.”

“What’s happening is exactly what we don’t recommend doing,” he said.

Fauci, who has headed the National Institute of Allergy and infectious diseases since 1984 and was nominated as chief medical adviser to the future Joe Biden administration, urged Americans to be vaccinated.

He expressed the hope that 75-80 percent of the 209 million American adults will receive the vaccine in the coming months, which will be enough to develop collective immunity and end the pandemic.

Fauci said the U.S. could “reach a critical number of vaccinations by mid-to-late summer” next year.

This will allow the country to “return to some form of normal life,” the scientist stressed.

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