Fauci: the coronavirus pandemic is not over yet

The chief epidemiologist of the USA is alarmed by the speed of the spread of the disease around the world.

Chief epidemiologist of US called COVID-19 his “worst nightmare,” noting the surprisingly fast spread of the disease around the world.

According to the New York Times article about Fauci’s speech to the leadership of biotechnical companies, the expert warned that the pandemic is not over yet. However, the US and many European countries have begun to ease restrictions.

Fauci said he was surprised at how quickly the new coronavirus spread around the world after it appeared in China in December. In the case of most infectious diseases, it takes from six months to a year before the onset of a pandemic, and in the case of a new coronavirus, it took a month.
Meanwhile, who epidemiologist Maria Van Kerkhove on Tuesday sought to clarify her words about the transmission of the disease from asymptomatic carriers.

On Monday, she noted that asymptomatic carriers rarely transmit the disease further. This contradicts the conclusions of other scientists, who speak of a large amount of information indicating the possibility of transmission of the disease through contact with those who do not have symptoms.

On Tuesday, she corrected her words, telling reporters that asymptomatic transmission is “a complicated issue” and much is still unknown.

“We don’t have an answer yet,” she said, adding that her previous comment was based on the results of several studies.

Dr. Michael Ryan, Executive Director of the WHO’s health emergency program, said that “both people with symptoms and asymptomatic carriers are part of the cycle of disease spread.” Still, it is not yet clear what proportion of cases is in each of these groups.

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