Fauci: hosting the NFL season will depend on the second wave of coronavirus

On Tuesday, the country’s chief epidemiologist will testify in the Senate on the opening of the country against the backdrop of a pandemic.

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, there are no guarantees that the National Football League will be able to finish the season. However, under a good scenario, some fans may be allowed to attend matches, said chief epidemiologist Anthony Fauci.

The NFL season is scheduled to start on September 10. Last week, the League published a schedule with the expectation that matches will be played in the presence of spectators.

“The virus will make that decision for us,” Fauci said on NBC over the weekend. – I think there is a chance that players who have a negative test will be able to play in front of an empty stadium. If the spread of the virus is reduced so much that even for the General public, the risk is small, and then I can assume that it will be possible to fill the stadium by a third or half so that people keep their distance. This will depend on the development of the situation.”

According to Fauci, the crucial factor will be whether players, coaches, and other staff of all 32 NFL teams can be tested at least twice a week at the start of the season.

At the same time, the epidemiologist believes that the return of the virus with the onset of cold weather is inevitable.

“Even if the spread of the virus significantly decreases in June, July, and August, as it returns in the fall, I will be very sorry if it turns out that we did not use all the mechanisms to prevent a new acute outbreak,” he said.

Fauci will testify in the Senate on Tuesday, appearing in Congress for the first time since March. The hearing will focus on opening up the economy against the backdrop of a pandemic. He will be joined by the head of the Centers for disease control and prevention, Dr. Robert Redfield, and other officials.

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