Father’s custody of Britney Spears extended until September 2021

The court extended the custody of Britney Spears until September next year. More recently, Britney tried to deprive her father of the ability to manage her finances and future. However, the court did not support the singer’s desire for an independent life.

Britney’s father and mother, as well as their lawyer, attended the hearing in absentia, at which the final decision was made. Previously, it was assumed that James Spears would continue to monitor his daughter’s life only until February 2021.

Even though at the last meeting, Britney’s lawyer said that his ward is afraid of her father, James is sure: he had an excellent relationship with his daughter. Everything soured the moment she listened to a lawyer, stopped calling her father and sued him, wanting to get out of custody.

“I love my daughter and miss her very much. When a family member needs special care and protection, families need to act the way I have done for the past 12 plus years, ”said the celebrity’s father.

James Spears is sure that some evil people are manipulating his daughter and trying to harm the family. According to the etonline.com portal, citing a source close to Britney, there really was a relationship built on mutual respect between father and daughter.

“While she appreciates what her father has done for her in the past, she feels ready to take more control over her finances and health. She handles all the legal dramas with a positive attitude and focuses on her daily schedule, which has always helped her state of mind, ” the same source said.

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