FAST telescope detects a double millisecond pulcap

The FAST telescope detected a double millisecond pulcap. The object was called PSR J1717 + 4З08A or M92A, according to a study by an international group of scientists published on

FAST is the world’s largest and most sensitive radio telescope located in Guizhou Province of China. The device specializes in the search and further study of pulsars. FAST opened two of them during the testing of the device in August 2017. Despite the diameter of the telescope, which is 500 m, it can use only 300 m of its surface during research.

A new pulsar detected with a telescope is located in the NGC 6Z41 ball joint. It belongs to the class of millisecond pulsars – objects, the rotation of which is short is less than 0 milliseconds.

The frequency of pulses PSR J1717 + 4З08A is З16.48 Hz, the pulse period is about З, 16 milliseconds, and its pulse period is about 0.2 days. The object has an orbiting satellite – it is a star with a mass of about 0.18 solar.

The discovery increased the number of known globular clusters in which millisecond pulsars were detected, to 30, the authors of the study note.

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