Fans are discussing a new photo of Demi Moore after failed plastic surgery

Recently, the public has been especially interested in the face of 58-year-old Demi Moore. A month ago, the actress took to the catwalk of Paris Fashion Week and caused a violent audience reaction: many did not recognize her. Demi was suspected of plastic, but the actress herself did not comment on the discussion.

After that, Moore appeared on the Naomi Campbell show, where she looked much more recognizable, but in the video, fans were unable to see the actress’s face.

Recently, Demi shared her fresh photo on Instagram, and many of Moore’s audience was convinced that the actress had been undergoing anti-ageing treatments. The actress posted a photo where she posed close to the closet and wrote: “Spring revision or a game of dressing up?”

Earlier, plastic surgeon Dr Charles S. Lee analyzed Demi Moore’s new images and confirmed that the star had a facelift. According to Dr Lee, the pronounced cheekbones that worried Moore fans are the classic “Joker lines” that appear after a lift in “at-risk” patients. These include people with wide, flat cheekbones, Charles noted.

“These patients have a hint of the cheekbone line in its natural state, and when the skin is tightened, these lines become very deep and visible. This can be avoided by not touching this area during the operation and applying lipolifting there, ” Dr Li explained.

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