Family therapy helped Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt to settle all issue of parenting

This fall will be exactly four years since the pair of 45-year-old Angelina Jolie and 56-year-old Brad Pitt broke up: in September 2016, the actress filed for divorce. Since then, the press has published many materials describing the complex divorce process and the struggle of the stars for custody of six children. After all this, the ex-spouses began a new stage in their life, when disagreements were replaced by mutual understanding.

They needed help in resolving custody issues. Children are older, so the question of separation of parents is now not so acute. It took them many hours of family therapy to come to what they have now, – said a source from the entourage of the actors.

Angelina lives with children near Brad, so the children talk a lot with him.

Younger children walk between their homes, staying with each of the parents. Brad likes to spend a lot of time with children. Now he looks much happier than before, – added the insider.