Facebook will lay 37 thousand kilometers of cable under the ocean

Facebook will lay 37 thousand km. cable under the ocean. They want to spread high-speed Internet in Africa and increase their audience.

Facebook has announced that it will team up with telecommunications companies to conduct an underwater cable with a length of 37 thousand km. for quick internet access in 16 countries in Africa. Its length is almost equal to the circumference of the Earth – it will be the longest communication cable in the world.

As noted by the BBC, this is part of Facebook’s long-term plan to expand its audience – increasing Internet coverage will allow its media platform to be distributed to African youth. The project will be launched by 2024, the cable will help accelerate network access by three times.

“After the construction is completed, the new cable will provide the necessary Internet bandwidth and complement the rapidly growing demand for bandwidth in the Middle East and support the further growth of broadband access for hundreds of millions of people,” Facebook said.

Africa lags behind in access to the Internet: only 4 out of 10 people have permanent access to the network. But the continent provides tremendous opportunities for technology companies that can expand their audience by 1.3 billion people. The cost of the 2Africa project is not disclosed. The BBC reports that it could be about $ 1 billion.

Google is also working on a cable called Equiano, which will connect Africa to Europe. The company also has a division called Loon, which produces balloons to provide small cities with 4G Internet.

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