Facebook will combine Messenger and Instagram private messages

Reporters learned about Facebook’s plans to merge private messages in the Messenger and Instagram apps. The company confirmed this information and talked about the creation of a “single secure platform for communication”.

Facebook plans to bundle several of its apps. Their immediate plans are to unify messaging across their platforms. The Verge has found out that the company will soon merge private messages on Instagram and Facebook Messenger. The company believes this will improve the ability to “connect with friends who use Facebook”.

The changes will also affect the design of Instagram – the paper airplane, which for many years has been associated with personal messages on the social network, will be replaced with the Messenger logo. After that, Instagram users will be able to send messages to friends on Facebook, even without an account on this social network.

The update will also include other changes – a “more colorful and useful” chat appearance. The social network will also add a finger swipe control feature.

In a comment to The Verge, the company confirmed plans to merge Instagram, Messenger and WhatsApp chats with end-to-end encryption. According to them, they want to “create a more private social space in which you can have access to all your friends from one application.”

Instagram previously launched short music video editor Reels in India. They plan to replace it with the social network TikTok, which the country’s authorities blocked a week ago.