Facebook will announce the fate of Trump’s account on May 5

The former US president was deprived of access to the social network in January.

The supervisory Board of the Facebook Corporation will announce a decision on the case of blocking the account of former US President Donald Trump on May 5, that is, almost four months after the previous head of the White House was deprived of access to the social network. This is reported on the page of the Supervisory Board on the Twitter platform.

“The Supervisory Board will announce its decision on the case against former US President Donald Trump on May 5, 2021,” the report said.

Earlier, the management of Twitter said that Trump would never be able to use this social network again. After the riots in Washington on January 6, Facebook deprived Trump of the opportunity to post on his social networks. Initially, the Facebook lockdown was supposed to last until Trump’s term expires at noon on January 20 but was subsequently extended. Republicans sharply criticized the actions of the largest social networks in relation to Trump’s accounts. In Florida, a law was passed that prohibits social networks from blocking the accounts of politicians under the threat of large fines.

Author: Steve Cowan
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