Facebook supervisory board member criticizes Trump’s blocking

Co-chairman of the Facebook supervisory board Michael McConnell criticized the platform’s decision to block former US President Donald Trump for an indefinite period, calling it unjustified, he said on Fox News.

Instagram, Facebook, Twitch, Youtube, and Twitter have previously blocked Trump’s accounts for various periods of time because of his statements about the riots in Washington on January 6. The reason was video and text appeals to the protesters who seized the Capitol building in Washington. Calling on them, on the one hand, to behave peacefully and go home, Trump called them patriots and claimed election fraud.

The Supervisory Board agreed that Trump violated the rules, and blocking his accounts is the right step. “However, we said that they unjustifiably blocked him indefinitely, they did not give any explanation for this, there is no such provision in their rules, it is wrong,” the co-chairman said.

At the same time, McConnell stressed that Trump’s statements of January 6 at first glance seemed to be a call for peace, but in fact, the ex-president was pushing his supporters to aggression. “This is a direct violation of Facebook’s rules, which prohibit encouraging the actions of threatening individuals and organizations… Mr. Trump is subject to the same Facebook rules as everyone else,” he said.

As McConnell noted, the board gave the company time to “get its affairs in order.” According to him, Facebook’s rules are “in complete chaos,” are opaque, they are unclear, and inconsistent. “We have made some recommendations on how to make their rules clearer and more consistent,” McConnell said. Earlier, the independent supervisory board of the Facebook Corporation decided to maintain the blocking of Trump’s account. At the same time, the board insists that the company should decide within six months whether to block the account of the former US president permanently or suspend it for a certain time.

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