Facebook launches Collab music platform where musicians can jam remotely with each other

Facebook launched the Collab music platform, where musicians can remotely jam with each other and record videos with their rehearsals. About it writes The Verge.

Collab is currently in beta testing for users from the US and Canada on the iOS operating system, but within a few months the service will also appear for a mass audience.

The main goal of Collab is that musicians can create short videos, divided into three simultaneous sources. That is, through the application, musicians can play one song on three different instruments and record it in one track.

Initially, videos from Collab can be published only within the platform, but in the future, the company promises to integrate it with its other services, such as Instagram and Facebook.

The publication notes that Collab will use functions similar to TikTok. Inside the platform, any user can use another musician’s video to create their own video. For example, if a person likes the guitar part of one person and the vocals of another, he can create his own musical drum rhythm and lay it on the music of other people.

At the same time, musicians, to which other users most often remix, will receive bonuses, however, this feature of the service has not yet been disclosed.

Author: John Kessler
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