Facebook instantly banned honest Ads from Signal

“You got this ad because you are a newlywed Pilates instructor and you are crazy about cartoons. This ad used your geolocation to tell you that you are in La Jolla.”

Renowned for their privacy and privacy practices, Signal recently launched the truest Instagram ad campaign ever. The purpose of this move was to show users how much personal information is in the hands of large IT companies, and in particular – Facebook. Moreover, Instagram’s own target algorithms helped in this adventure. The entire campaign was banned almost instantly.

The fact is that Instagram and Facebook use the same data collection and promotion algorithms, and also collect the accumulated data into one common pool. Moreover, the amount of information in this pool is quite extensive: age, place of residence and similar not entirely secret information. But something else is interesting: algorithms can determine whether you are looking for a new home, your marital status, and even your love for energy drinks.

But before Gizmodo had time to ask Signal for a comment, the tricksters’ account was banned even before the announcements reached their addressees. However, Facebook has denied that the account was closed and said it was all a publicity stunt.

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Author: John Kessler
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