Facebook AR glasses will allow you to mute and increase the volume of sounds around

Facebook has introduced a new feature in its AR glasses – microphones that help to increase the volume or drown out certain sounds in the environment. For example, the device will help to hear the interlocutor even in a very noisy restaurant.

Facebook has been developing its AR glasses for several years now, and now researchers have told about a new feature they want to implement in the device. Facebook Reality Labs (FRL) calls this feature “Perceptual Superpowers” – it will drown out some sounds around you, or vice versa, make them louder. She, for example, can help to hear the interlocutor in a noisy establishment.

The technology uses multiple microphones to pick up sounds around the user. It takes into account the movements of the head and eyes to understand which sounds he wants to hear and which he wants to filter out. These glasses are not intended for people with hearing impairments, but the device may be useful for them too. “This resonates very well with Facebook’s mission – hearing loss shouldn’t stop people interacting with each other,” the researchers note.

The FRL Research team has also developed an add-on to the system, the Audio Presence feature. It recreates the way sounds travel through space but in AR and VR format. This makes the sounds from the glasses realistic as if the user actually hears what is happening around him.

In the future, researchers also want to make sounds change depending on the shape of the ears. The ultimate goal of scientists is a model when the sounds from the device do not differ from those they hear in the outside world.

“Human hearing is an amazing feeling that allows us to communicate. At FRL Research, we are researching new technologies that can enhance, protect, and improve our hearing ability, making it possible to increase our concentration, ”they said.

Author: John Kessler
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