Fabio Fognini refused to participate in the US Open

The ATP#11 Italian Fabio Fognini refused to participate in the Masters in Cincinnati, which was moved to New York, and the US Open. Previously, the athlete underwent ankle surgery. Corrado Barazzutti, coach of Fognini, announced the removal of the athlete from the tournaments.

“Fabio knows what he needs to do to recover faster. He works very hard. We train for 4.5 hours every day. I think he will be ready to play in a couple of weeks. After that, we will start working in Rome before he can compete in the Kitzbühel tournament. If everything goes well, Fabio will perform there. So far, we are confident of success, because everything is going well.

Fabio is helped by the fact that his wife and children are next to him. This has a good effect on its recovery. It’s great that he solved his ankle problems. For him, this was a serious obstacle. Now he is calm and satisfied ”, – quotes the coach La Gazzetta dello Sport.