Fabio Capello criticized Cristiano Ronaldo

The great Italian Fabio Capello doesn’t like how Cristiano Ronaldo defends himself. He believes that Ronaldo and Paulo Dybala are giving teammates a lot of problems.

Juventus is sixth in the Italian championship and is already 10 points behind Milan. The ex-coach of the team Fabio Capello tried to figure out the problems of the Bianconeri.

“When Dybala is in good shape, he can do a lot on the pitch, even playing with Morata and Ronaldo. Cristiano does almost nothing in the defensive phase, and Dybala does not help much. But the team supports them when they are in good shape.

Much depends on the specific matches and opponents. The principle “we are true to ourselves and do not take into account the rest” no longer works. If you prepare for a match with this approach, you will not achieve the required results.

Good coaches prepare for specific games, adjust to the opponent, and make adjustments. Best of all, Zidane and Allegri turn the game over substitutions, ” Calciomercato quotes Capello.

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