Extreme high temperatures can double heart disease mortality

Extremely high temperatures can double mortality from heart disease. This conclusion was made by scientists from the American Association of Cardiology, a study of which was published in the journal Circulation.

The highest temperature on Earth over the past 76 years, 53.89 ° C, was recently recorded in Kuwait. In a new work, researchers studied the relationship between extreme warming in the country, where the average annual temperature is 28°C, with more than 15 thousand deaths caused by heart disease.

The study was based on data collected between 2010 and 2016, and only deaths due to cardiovascular diseases among people over 15 years were taken into account.

Based on their analysis, scientists came to the conclusion that in the days when an extremely high temperature was recorded, mortality from these diseases increased by two to three times.

“While cardiologists and other doctors focus on traditional risk factors such as diet, blood pressure, and tobacco use, climate change can exacerbate the number of deaths from diseases of the cardiovascular system, especially in the hottest regions of the world”.

Barrak Alahmad, lead author of the study

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