Expo 2020 in Dubai postponed for a year due to coronavirus

More than two-thirds of the participating countries supported the move.

DUBAI – The World Expo 2020, which was planned to be held in Dubai, is likely to be officially postponed for one year by the decision of the authorized body after more than two-thirds of the member states voted in favor of the postponement. This was announced by the International Bureau of exhibitions (BIE) on Monday.

Expo exhibitions are significant events in the field of culture and business, which are held every five years in different cities. The decision on the location of presentations is made by the BIE, which is based in Paris

In March, the United Arab Emirates proposed to postpone the 2020 exhibition by one year after participating countries asked to postpone it due to the coronavirus pandemic.

In a statement, the BIE said that the required consent of two-thirds of 170 countries to move the exhibition had been obtained, and this decision is now prepared for final approval.
In a statement issued by the Expo 2020 Dubai organizing Committee, regarding the Secretary-General of the BIE, Dimitri Kerkentses, it is said that the BIE will officially approve the postponement on May 29.

It is now expected that the exhibition in Dubai will be held from October 1, 2021, to March 31, 2022, that is, about a year later than initially planned.

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