Experts told what the colors of Biden and Putin’s ties say

Russian President Vladimir Putin chose a classic purple tie for the meeting, which may indicate determination, but the shade of the tie of US President Joe Biden is too light, but this does not symbolize that the meeting is unimportant for him – perhaps it signals a desire to win over the interlocutor, interviewed experts told.

The meeting of the leaders of Russia and the United States takes place on Wednesday in Geneva.

“Putin has a purple tie, in a small geometric pattern-diamonds, as far as we could see; this is a fairly classic version. As for the color, he very often, Russian president chooses this color. But this choice is very interesting because magenta is… the color is regal,” a business consultant on etiquette says.

She noted that since the president of the Russian Federation has never been seen “in tsarist ambitions,” the color indicates his desire to protect the interests of the Fatherland by any means and to the last forces. Purple color, if it is chosen as an accessory and not the main color, speaks of the originality and creativity of a person. The presence of a red ray indicates determination, a determination to defend their negotiating positions dynamically, to the last.

Speaking about Biden’s tie, she noted that it is worth making allowances for the fact that in America and the UK it is not known about the mandatory maroon tie at important meetings. In particular, former US President Donald Trump wore scarlet ties, and his predecessor Barack Obama wore a blue-and-blue striped tie to the inauguration. For this reason, in this case, Biden’s tie “in no way indicates that the meeting is less important or unimportant at all.”

“As for Biden’s blue tie, you know, for this level of meetings, they still choose a darker tie. The fact that it is a blue shade… this, of course, is good, but on the other hand, a fairly light tie is not good not only for protocol points, but it also reduces the solidity for his image, ” the expert said.

According to the expert, this pastel shade of blue belongs to the children’s range. In her opinion, this is the case when a person choosing a tie, did not feel very confident, demonstrates a certain infantilism.

She also admitted that such a light shade may indicate a desire to win over a partner since light colors “are less frightening.” But, the expert clarified, it is just as difficult to scare the president of the Russian Federation as to win him over for some subjective reasons.

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