Experts noted the acute problems with food security in the world

Conflicts, economic turmoil, and the COVID-19 pandemic are cited as causes.

The number of people around the world facing food security challenges has reached a five-year high, according to a report by the Global Food Crisis Network.

An international alliance of UN, EU, government and non-governmental agencies blamed “conflicts, economic shocks, including those caused by COVID-19, and extreme weather” for 155 million people suffering from food insecurity.

This year is also likely to be a bad one, they suggested.

“One year after the COVID-19 pandemic was declared, the outlook for 2021 and beyond remains bleak. Conflicts, pandemic-related restrictions, fueling economic difficulties, and the constant threat of adverse weather conditions are likely to continue to contribute to food crises, ” the EU, the UN Food and Agriculture Organization, and others said in a joint statement released with the report.

The alliance said that food security problems are particularly severe in Africa, with about 98 million people on the continent suffering from them in 2020. Other areas of concern include Yemen, Afghanistan, Syria, and Haiti.

Author: Steve Cowan
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