Experts name the favorite of the NBA in the 2020/2021 season

The NBA 2019/2020 season ended the other day. Basketball players from the Los Angeles Lakers became champions, LeBron James and company beat the Miami Heat in the final. Bookmakers accept bets on the winner of the next season, which should start on December 1st.

According to analysts, the Lakers are the favorites, you can bet on their second title in a row with a coefficient of 3.50.

Experts see another club from Los Angeles, the Clippers, as the main opponent of the Lakers. You can bet them on the championship with a factor of 5.50. The third contender is the Milwaukee Bucks. The coefficient for this team is 6.50.

In addition, the teams with the highest odds include Golden State (8.00), Brooklyn Nets and Boston Celtics (13.00), Miami (14.00), Denver (16.00), Toronto, and Dallas (21.00).