Experts answered found out how difficult it is to fix the iPhone 12 Pro Max

Specialists of the specialized resource iFixit appreciated how difficult it is to fix Apple’s largest smartphone, the iPhone 12 Pro Max. Reported by The Verge.

Resource experts say: due to the increased dimensions of the case, some elements inside are located differently compared to other, more miniature twelfth “iPhones.”

IFixit also confirmed that the 12 Pro Max uses a camera with an enlarged (approximately 47%) 12MP sensor. Apple did not lie about the sensor-shift system, designed to neutralize the user’s hand movements when shooting. And the resource engineers noted that due to its dimensions, the 12 Pro Max housing contained a larger and more powerful Taptic Engine vibration motor and speakers.

The iPhone 12 Pro Max has a large L-shaped battery with a capacity of 14.13 Wh. The same iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro use 10.78 Wh batteries, the iPhone 12 mini – 8.57 Wh. But there is a nuance: in last year’s iPhone 11 Pro Max, the battery, albeit insignificantly, was still larger – by 15.04 Wh.

The maintainability of the device was rated at six out of ten points. 3DNews clarifies: experts noted the ease of replacing the display and battery and the modularity of most components. The smartphone could have gotten a higher score if not for the use of custom screws, water-resistance, and the need to replace the entire case to replace the back’s broken glass.

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