Expert: In masks, the probability of infection with coronavirus is reduced to 1.5%

The risk of infection is reduced to 70% if a person in public places is wearing a mask. This was told by the Director of the Lithuanian center for infectious diseases and AIDS, Professor Saulius Chaplinskas.

The Professor said that a 15-minute conversation is enough for a susceptible person to get sick with the coronavirus.

— But if a person is without a mask, the probability of infection is 100%. If the cover is only on a healthy person, the likelihood of disease is reduced to 70%. If the mask is on the patient, the probability of infection will be only 5%, if both — only 1.5% — said Chaplinskas.

Mask mode, in connection with the pandemic, is introduced by many countries of the world. For example, in Spain, it is now mandatory to wear masks on public transport. According to the local press, in preparation for this innovation, the authorities have prepared an additional 14 million costumes, which will be distributed to residents. Some of them can be obtained directly at transport stops, city authorities will distribute some, and some will be distributed by employees of the International Committee of the Red Cross and other organizations.

In France and Belgium, wearing masks is mandatory, and violators of the “mask regime” face fines.

Without masks, passengers are not allowed on the high-speed Eurostar train, which goes from the UK to France and Belgium. The authorities said that people could adequately cover their nose and mouth — not only with medical masks and respirators writes the BBC.

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