Expanded sanctions against Nord Stream 2 will affect more than 120 companies in Europe

The company is not yet able to assess the potential consequences of expanding US sanctions.

The expanded sanctions against the “Nord stream-2” project, recently announced by the US Treasury, will affect the activities of more than 120 companies from 12 European countries. This was reported by the press service of the project operator.

“Any threats of sanctions against the “Nord stream-2″ project have an impact on several Western contractors and investors. If they are imposed, the sanctions will directly affect more than 120 companies from more than 12 European countries,” Nord Stream 2 AG said in a comment.

At the same time, the operator did not comment on the potential consequences of the new sanctions for the companies involved in the project. However, Nord Stream AG 2 expressed the hope for “speedy entry of the pipeline into operation,” as it is in the interests of energy security and competitiveness of Europe, “contributes to fulfilling her commitments to climate protection and contributes to the economic prosperity of European consumers.”

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